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Special Offer Harlequin GH 4440 Hydrostore Garden

Harlequin GH 4440 Hydrostore Rainwater Harvesting Tank is for storing Rainwater to be used in the garden .The recycled water can be used for irrigation of lawns and gardens , car washing and other applications where water is required in the garden.
2 TANK SYSTEM , TANK 1 2300mm l x 2300mm w x 1250mm h , Tank 2 , 1250mm h x 2300mm l x 1150mm w , weight 300kg x 500mm invert x 4340 litre capacity.
110mm outlets & inlets and service connections
2 x 450mm manhole lids
Calmed inlet & U bend type overflow
Pressure Sensative submersible pump turns on and off on demand pump delivers 3.5 bar of pressure with a flow rate of 2500 litres per hour with a max head of 35mtr and a power rating of 800 watt


Our Price 2758.80
(Excl. VAT 2299.00)